Our development, a smart development’,will:

  • Be delivered by the Telfer family within the next 5 years; it is viable and sustainable in every respect
  • Absolutely minimise ‘harm’ to the Green Belt; by far the most green open space of any previous Lingfield development

Complement and enhance our village

  • Create a place where all Lingfield residents will want to actively participate
  • Connect Southern Lingfield with much needed public footpaths

SUPPORT Lingfield Gardens

STOP Star fields


Introduce new amenity including dog walks and kids play zone

  • Encourage sustainable forms of transport and reduced car ownership through car club
  • Simplify residents lives, supported by a web-based IT solution and on site staff

Fully retain rural character when entering/exiting the village

  • Forms a natural and logical extension of the village
  • Be virtually invisible from current views, designed to ‘invite the Green Belt in’ and have no impact on church views

Retain historic Lingfield House; accommodating on site staff/facilities and some retirement apartments

  • Provide much needed homes affordable for local people especially families/young people; 59 mainly 2 & 3 bed houses
  • Retain independent retirees otherwise lost to the community; 40 apartments

Integrate with and support local businesses

  • Have ‘personality’ and become a catalyst for community engagement
  • Promote installation of optical fibre technology to Lingfield
Lingfield House extended and renovated with great care

Retain and enhance established beautiful landscaped gardens

  • Enhance biodiversity with enhanced rural buffers and swales; part of a sustainable drainage system
  • Views into the site from Southern approach mitigated through large undeveloped area / extensive rural buffer

Be a superbly designed scheme responding to the site constraints / opportunities and raising the quality bar