“We have lived in the area for 20 years and understand the pressures on local housing and infrastructure. We are not an outside developer or major housebuilder driven by profit; we care about Lingfield and have a ‘social heart’. Our careful renovation of Lingfield House over many years, exemplifies our attention to detail and deep desire to retain historical character.

If our development were to proceed, we promise to develop the site ourselves into something that is truly sustainable and complementary to the village for residents and local businesses. The site’s scale and proximity to the village centre offers an unrivalled opportunity to do something different. Our approach is focused on people and the experience we can create for them whether as a new or existing Lingfield resident.

Our development will open South West Lingfield to local people for the first time in Centuries. Our public space will complement rather than detract from the neighbouring countryside and include easy pedestrian access from the village centre to the Lingfield House beautiful landscaped gardens along with new public footpaths. Our new homes will focus on catering for retired people and families seeking affordable 2 or 3 bedroom homes with a huge focus on design and specification fit for tomorrow’s living and only a few minutes’ walk to the wide range of village amenities. In every respect, our development will be sustainable.

Our pre-occupation with how people can ‘experience the place’ will require close attention to detail in creating a vibrant community; from social events through to how we can make life easier for people by removing unnecessary everyday tasks through services, indoor/outdoor facilities and carefully designed homes that we offer. Envisaging, or ‘learning from’, what life will be like in the future to create today’s development will help ensure a truly sustainable solution for the village.”

Telfer family

Too often large estates have been constructed by national companies with little regard to their locality. They could be anywhere in the country there being little about them in style, layout or building materials that relates directly to Lingfield. Frequently they combine a bewildering array of styles and materials in the same or adjacent buildings

Lingfield Village Design Statement