Genuine Community Asset

By creating an illustrative master plan that begins with thinking about people’s experience and its place within the wider community, we embrace an opportunity to realise a happy thriving environment enjoyed by the many rather than few. Around 4 acres is dedicated for use by residents and our village community; full access to the botanical gardens, kids play area and circular dog walk and bike track.

We believe the development will be seen as a genuine community asset where people actively want to participate: to get to know their neighbours meet and make new friends, actively enjoy the developments amenity, influence new amenity by suggesting any changes such as adding allotment gardens, join local clubs, create new clubs, enjoy local events and want to become catalysts themselves for new events.

Events are likely to vary between those intended for Lingfield Gardens’ residents, such as an impromptu BBQ, and wider community opportunities to attract local people. The landscaped gardens could include pop-up art shows, mini-festivals and local produce market.

Engagement with local community groups could be to simply enjoy the beautiful gardens, put on a show, host an event, explore the biodiversity such as birdwatching, or use the amenity for play; garden games such as boules will be available from on-site staff. Local engagement is likely to include visits from St Piers Epilepsy Centre, Orchard Court Care home residents and local schools.

Our masterplan creates the place, our staff help facilitate but Lingfield people will ultimately make it happen and make it self-sustaining. We want to stimulate different thinking, “Have you heard about Lingfield Gardens? What a great place to live, walk to, play in!”, “why don’t we introduce Lingfield Village ‘Boris bikes’ to move between the various community assets including the rail station – let’s make it happen!”.

Lingfield’s greatest asset is a very real sense of community but the continued involvement by the population in village activities will be needed to secure its future

Lingfield Village Design Statement