Site Surveys

Our surveyors carried out a full topographical survey of the site and nearby properties and road.  That survey has helped ensure that our illustrative master plans are based on accurate levels and positions together with supporting our consultant’s foul and surface water drainage designs.  The site benefits from no risk of river or surface water flooding, an issue constraining residential development across significant land areas elsewhere around Lingfield.  Surface water drainage from the site will be mitigated through our consultants’ SuDS designs.

Ecology Survey

Our advisors conducted an extended phase 1 habitat and habitat suitability index survey. The survey confirmed the presence of bats and common reptiles along with the potential for species of conservation concern. Our consultants concluded that the habitats within the site are of low conservation concern and, through mitigation for species of conservation concern; residential development of the site will result in no significant ecological impact for the site or wider landscape. Furthermore, there are opportunities to increase the site’s ecological value through careful landscape design and ecological habitat provision. Our illustrative masterplan will embrace these recommendations.

Entry Points

Engineered designs have been undertaken confirming that the proposed access areas are viable and, based on consultant assessments, without the need for any significant changes to East Grinstead Road.

Service Connections and Drainage

Our consultants have confirmed with the relevant Statutory Authorities, based on the usage deriving from our illustrative masterplans, that the site benefits from adequate existing service infrastructure / capacity. The associated connection quotes are included within our assessment of the site viability. Our illustrative masterplans will accommodate the necessary on-site infrastructure along with the SuDS solution.