Lingfield Gardens illustrative masterplan

We are long-standing Lingfield residents

  • Our family wants to give back to our village through our Lingfield Gardens development
  • Tandridge District Council Local Plan process is now well advanced
  • We are unique in being the only resident, landowner and developer

We genuinely want to engage with the local community to provide what is actually needed

  • We will develop the site ourselves to ensure that we fulfil our promises right to the end
  • Unlike many other developers, we will not sell the site on to the highest bidder

Without your help now, the Star Fields will be allocated in our final local plan


Lingfield Gardens…

  • Is not highly visible
  • Is designed to minimise landscape impact
  • Is not in the conservation area
  • Is the closest site to the village centre
  • Is not requiring ‘pinch points’
  • Is not in the flood zone
  • Is giving back to the local community

Lingfield Deserves Better

We will deliver housing in dialogue with residents

The wrong site, The Star Fields, has been allocated in the draft plan!

  • This will destroy our landscape and is highly visible
  • Tandridge Council did not consult with you or our local representatives
  • Will mean development in a large part of our conservation area
  • Views to/from our medieval assets of Lingfield Church, Old Town and New Place will be lost forever
  • Significant risk of more ‘pinch points’ on Town Hill
  • Significant risk there will be many more than the 60 houses identified; once the principle has been established in the Local Plan

Tandridge Council is required to deliver new homes

  • Central Government is requiring District Councils to identify and deliver more homes
  • The number of new homes has been established as 9,400 for Tandridge District Council

Lingfield will need to take its fair share

  • Lingfield is identified as a Tier 2 settlement
  • Lingfield will be required to accommodate new homes

You can help ensure the new housing is delivered in the best location with realistic infrastructure contribution for Lingfield

Image © Stacey Harris

We share your concerns that infrastructure will need to improve to support new homes

Apart from any financial contributions deriving from the development, we want to work with the Community to find the best possible solutions


  • We are exploring whether a new Lingfield Surgery could be included at Lingfield Gardens
  • Our plans are aimed at much needed retirement and 2/3 bed houses which should inherently help restrict incremental road and rail usage